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Thousands of individuals are using our pedal extenders.  To protect yourself from severe injuries caused by the steering wheel and airbag, you should be at arm's length (about 14 inches or more away) from the steering wheel. These pedals extenders have been tested in actual car crashes and are recommended to get you away from the steering wheel and airbag!! Easy Rider Pedal Extenders®

Keep in mind, people are driving 70 to 80 mph on the freeways.  You never know who will be driving that other vehicle on the highway.  Snowy, rainy and foggy days are other good reasons to be sitting 14 inches or more away and have an active airbag!!!

Your safety comes first! Others can just push the seat back further if they want to drive your vehicle.  The extenders will permit you to sit in comfort, be relaxed, and promote good posture. Your legs won't hurt from constantly stretching, and you will feel secure.

"Short Adults: Push your seat back as far as possible, and try to drive with at least 10 inches between your chest and the steering wheel.  If you still can't reach the pedal, consider having a pedal extender.......on your gas pedal.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says pedal extenders are available through Easy Rider Pedal Extensions®".......The Flint Journal, Flint, MI, www.fl.mlive.com or email fj@FlintJ.com.

"Airbags are designed, as per government regulations, to protect an AVERAGE MALE (5'8" tall, 185 lbs.) not wearing a seat belt." www.safewithin.com/autosafe/auto.air.cgi

"There are about 24 million petite American women who are most at risk from airbag inflating from low-speed accidents" www.harrybrowne96.org/release-airbag-deaths.html

"You want to run into the airbag, you don't want the airbag to run into you.   Short adults are especially vulnerable to airbag injuries.......should be as far away as possible from the strike surface in the vehicle's interior" www.e-z.net/~ts/airbags.htm

"They were killed when government-mandated airbags, deploying at speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, slammed into their bodies with 2,600 pounds of force, causing catastrophic head, neck, or spinal injuries.  Most of the dead adults were petite women, 5'-2" or shorter." www.harrybrowne96.org/release-airbag-deaths.html

"Driver side airbags have a low deployment speed between 8 to 11 mph that trigger an airbag off in a collision, there are a huge number of crashes below 18 mph, and more accurate sensors in the deployment speeds of the airbag are needed." C-SPAN - 07/03/97 - Air Bag Safety - Public Citizen - ID:87506

"I received calls from individuals or had friends who have been severely injured by an airbag, from sitting too close; loss of hearing, blinded on one eye, or hospitalized due to the deployment force of the  airbag hitting them. There were other calls from pregnant women, concerned about being too close and the loss of their fetuses from the deployment force hitting them in the chest." Easy Rider Pedal Extenders® - Phone conversations with customers.

"People at risk of serious injuries from inflating airbags are mainly drivers who sit with their faces or chests very close to the steering wheel.  With or without airbags, this position is risky because hitting the steering wheel can cause serious head and chest injuries in crashes.  Now it is particularly risky because of the possibility of airbag inflation injuries." www.erie-insurance.com/pages/carguide/iihsnov12.html


The following is valuable information  provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
Emergency Rescue Guidelines For Airbag Equipped Vehicles

If you have an airbag in your vehicle, you can request an
"Air Bag Switch Request Form"
by contacting:
U.S. Department Of Transportation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Attention: Air Bag Switch Request Form
400 Seventh Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20590-1000

Airbag Warning:
On the back side of the sun visor on some automobiles it states, "Sit as far back as possible from the airbag."  Just that, nothing more!!  This is a loophole in case you're  severely injured or killed by an airbag.  I feel it is criminal, if it's obvious you're sitting too close to the airbag and not warned or assisted in some way when sold a new vehicle.  When only driving between 10 to 18 mph in a low speed accident and a family loved one is seriously injured or killed unnecessarily because they were not warned or given assistance to be able to sit back 14 inches away or installed an on and off switch for the driver airbag.

I believe there are between 100,000 to 200,000 individuals who are 2'7" and 4'6" tall who cannot sit 12"/14" away from the airbag due to their short arms and legs.  Pre '96 vehicles, without the on and off switch, they could be killed or hospitalized.   They have families, loved ones, jobs, and buy cars and trucks and are doing well with seat belts.Easy Rider Pedal Extenders®